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Color Paint Matching:  Seacoast Auto Body, Inc. uses RM by Diamont, one of the highest quality automotive paints in the industry.  This paint ensures a long lasting, vibrant, shiny finish to your automobile.  RM paint is used by many high end body shops today. Our on-site computerized mixing system ensures a perfect match.

Insurance & Collision Repairs to Factory Standards:  Several auto insurance providers have recongnized Seacoast Auto Body, Inc as a certified insurance repair facility which helps expedite the claims process.

Seacoast Auto Body, Inc. has passed rigorous criteria that have approved us to perform all the functions of the Auto Body shop. We can quickly obtain agreed price estimates, begin and complete the repairs to your car with minimal delays.

Frame & Unibody Straightening with Laser Accuracy:  In the event of an accident, the frame or unibody of your vehicle can be damaged. At Seacoast Auto Body, we use the latest technology in laser frame and unibody straightening to ensure your car is returned back to its original factory standard. We want your car to roll straight out of the shop.

Down Draft Paint Booth:  At Seacoast Auto Body, we just don't rely on our experience and excellent reputation. We have to keep up with the technology utilizing the latest repair and paint application systems available. We have expanded and modernized our facility and installed a down draft paint booth. These paint booths offer a controlled environment which paints your car, then bakes and dries the paint in the same controlled environment. Combine this with our computerized paint mixing system and you're always guaranteed an exceptionally flawfless paint job.

I-Car Trained Technicians:  Seacoast Auto Body is not just your typical auto body shop; we are a collision specialty shop. Our ICAR GOLD certified specialists learn the latest auto collision technology, and truly care about the end product.  ICAR GOLD certified technicians are trained to better communicate with customers and insurers which lead to the most consistent, efficient, and high quality collision repairs in the industry.  The unltimate beneficiary is the consumer who wants a collision-damaged vehcile properly repaired in the quickest and most skillful manner possible.

Our great working relationship with Enterprise Rent-a-car has brought our customers excellent service.  We are more than happy to set up your rental and Enterprise will pick you up.

Extra Services:  For your convenience, at Seacoast Auto Body we can make arrangements for towing, as well as coordinating all your mechanical repairs, upholstery repairs, pin striping, and glass replacement. We have a clean and comfortable waiting room where we want you to feel right at home. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

*47 Bath Road* *Brunswick, ME 04011*
Phone: (207) 729-6512 Fax: (207) 729-8356